Caroline Drama

Ce matin, un morceau de THE RACONTEURS , la dernière piste de leur premier album sorti en 2008 (Consolers of Lonely)

Avec un texte magnifiquement écrit …dont voici des extraits ..

[….]It was a junk-house in South Carolina
Held a boy the age of ten
Along with his older brother Billy
And a mother and her boyfriend
Who was a triple loser with some blue tattoos
That were given to him when he was young
And a drunk temper that was easy to lose
And thank god he didn’t own a gun [….]. »

[…]Billy broke in and saw the blood on the floor, and
He turned around and put the lock on the door
He looked dead into the boyfriend’s eye
His mother was a ghost, too upset to cry, then
He took a step toward the man on the ground
From his mouth trickled out a little audible sound
He heard the boyfriend shout, « Get out! »
And Billy said, « Not till I know what this is all about »
« Well, this preacher here was attacking your mama »
But Billy knew just who was starting the drama
So Billy took dead aim at his face
And smashed the bottle on the man who left his dad in disgrace, and
The white milk dripped down with the blood, and the
Boyfriend fell down dead for good
Right next to the preacher who was gasping for air
And Billy shouted, « Daddy, why’d you have to come back here? »
His mama reached behind the sugar and honey, and
Pulled out an envelope filled with money
« Your daddy gave us this, » she collapsed in tears
« He’s been paying all the bills for years »
« Mama, let’s put this body underneath the trees
and put Daddy in the truck and head to Tennessee »
Just then, his little brother came in
Holding the milk man’s hat and a bottle of gin singing,[….]


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